Wood Innovation of Tokyo Co., Ltd.


What can we help you with?
We provide support for architect offices,
building contractors, and precutting factories. Our aim is to develop into an architect office that breaks through existing notions.

We can take on board the concerns of design departments and find answers in a flexible manner. We can offer solutions for an array of issues, including a lack of design personnel and operational support during busy periods. We aim to support our customers' growth as a design and planning partner. Staff at our Saitama Office and Bacolod Office (Philippines) look forward to proposing ways in which we can support your back-office operations.


Services for precutting factories

Services for precutting factories
  • ■Precut CAD operation service
  • ■Creation of initial plan drawing, plan drawing
    after meeting, processing data
  • ■CAD systems used
  • Miyagawa Koki software
    Net Eagle software
    Toa software

Services for builders (design assistance)

Services for builders (design assistance)
  • ■N value/shear wall provision calculations
  • ■Creation of plan, foundation and precut drawings
  • ■Performance evaluations/long-term quality
  • ■Allowable stress calculations
  • ■Thermal insulation calculations
  • ■Picking and retrieving secondary materials

Services for architect's offices

Services for architect's offices
  • ■CAD operation service for general residential
    projects, medium to large building projects,
    and special building projects
  • Creation of plan, foundation and precut drawings
    Unit processing drawings

Wood Innovation of Tokyo Co., Ltd.


Wood Innovation of Tokyo Co., Ltd. Office:Urawa Unit 2F, 399-1 Nakao, Midori-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 336-0932, Japan
Business: Precut CAD operations, creation of foundation drawings,
N value/shear wall provision calculations, allowable stress calculations,
thermal insulation calculations, performance evaluations, long-term quality,
picking/retrieving heat insulating materials, creation of component drawings, etc.
Founded: 2013
Capital: 10 million yen
No. of employees: 30 (incl. employees at overseas CAD centers)



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