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Kidate Architect

Kidate Architect

What can we help you with?
We can offer a wide range of support from structural calculations of wooden buildings to various applications.

We launched our precutting business in 1987. We have extensive experience and a proven track record, and will continue to take on new possibilities. Let us first listen to your requirements. We offer various services with a focus on long-term relationships with our customers rather than taking a short view. Staff at our Tokyo Office, Saitama Office, and Bacolod Office (Philippines) look forward to receiving your requests.


Structural support

Structural support
  • ■Structural calculations for two-storey wooden buildings
    (simple calculations, performance regulations)
  • ■Examination of foundations and horizontal
    structural members
  • ■Structural calculations for three-storey
    wooden buildings (allowable stress calculations)
  • ■Everything from structural calculations to application
    procedures for special large buildings, with a focus on
    two- and three-storey wooden buildings
  • ■Preliminary consultations
  • ■Truss structure design

Application support

Application support
  • ■Confirmations and applications
  • ■long-life quality housing applications
  • ■Home performance evaluation applications
  • ■Flat 35 conformance certificate applications
  • ■Defect insurance agency
  • ■Various drawing creation
  • ■Various other application support operations
  • ■Creation of exterior and interior perspective drawings

Energy-saving support

Energy-saving support
  • ■Energy-saving calculations (thermal insulation calculations
    primary energy consumption calculations)
  • ■ZEH (net zero-energy house) support
  • ■BELS applications
  • ■Certified low-carbon applications
  • ■Other operations related to energy-saving applications

Seismic diagnoses

Seismic diagnoses
  • ■Issuance of certificates for compliance with seismic standards
  • ■Seismic improvement planning for existing buildings
  • ■Home inspections (wooden buildings)



Kidate Architect
(Corporate name: Kidate House Co.,Ltd.)
Business: Wood structure calculations, joint development of wood structure frameworks, and all types of applications
Capital:10 million yen
No. of employees:25 (incl. employees at overseas CAD centers)


Kidate Architect Tokyo Office

Kidate Architect Saitama Office


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